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Common Questions

Why should I hire a Buyer’s Agent?

You need a professional REALTOR® who understands the purchase contract and requirements in order to protect your interest during a home purchase. Hiring a buyer's agent will ensure you have someone knowledgeable  in your corner, who can help you determine a fair market value for your home of interest, and who can negotiate a strong deal on your behalf.

Why can’t I let a Listing Agent represent me?

You could. But, you’d be hiring the very person who’s first duty is to protect the seller. The Listing Agent’s first job is to sell their client’s home for the most money possible - not to protect your interests, or your bottom line.

Do I have to pay a Buyer’s Agent?

No, the Listing Agent  pays the Buyer’s Agent at closing. .

How long before I want to move into a home should I start the process?

Many of my clients begin the pre-qualification process with a lender up to 6 months before their desired move date, in order to get an understanding of the financial obligations of buying a home. Then, you’ll really want to hit the ground running about 3 months before you think you’d like to move in to a new home. It may take a few weeks to find the right neighborhood and choose a home, negotiate an offer, and get the house under contract. Then the escrow process takes about 30-45 days before you get the keys!

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