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About me

I remember seeing our home for the first time, a lovely one-story brick rambler with an amazing yard. Having a yard was important to us because we wanted our boys to have the freedom to explore and play while still safely on our property. I remember feeling excited that we now had a place for them to call home, a venue for all our celebrations, and extra space to accommodate our frequent visitors. Most importantly, we now had a place to enjoy together and make memories. I felt thankful and blessed. I felt proud of my husband and myself for all the hard work that went into picking and securing this home for our little family. This feeling is something that will remain a fond memory for the rest of my life. We have had many barbecues and family movie nights. We flew kites, explored the woods, and had many adventures, all in our backyard. Rene and I felt happy with our choice and a sense that we achieved so much for our children. That’s when I realized I would love to help others achieve the same. There are many reasons I chose real estate as a career path, most importantly that I want to prepare families to have all the necessary tools to buy and sell a home smoothly. I help families  find and enjoy a place that gives them that same feeling and security that I found.  I pride myself on being a problem solver, being quick to deliver and respond, and I go above and beyond what's expected. In real estate, communication is key. With over 12 years of Business Management and customer service dedication, my priority is to fully understand my client's needs so I can tailor my services to match their personal goals. I cannot wait to do that for you because memories are priceless.♥️

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